Race Official Tells Gold Medalist Not to Take Victory Lap, Gold Medalist Is Like, ‘Nah, I’m Taking It’ (Video)

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Great Britain’s Laura Muir won the gold medal in the women’s 1500m race at the European Indoor Athletics Championships in Belgrade on Saturday. After the race she tried to do what every gold medalist in every international track competition has done for as long as anyone can remember: take a victory lap holding her country’s flag. However, race officials told her she couldn’t do it.

The reason? Apparently the event was running behind schedule, and they were trying to catch up by cutting back on the post-race celebrations.

It’s not an entirely unreasonable idea. After all, runners do need to know exactly when their race is going to start so they can get warmed up properly. However, victory laps are a pretty huge tradition, and it’s unfair to deny winners their moment of glory. So you can also understand why Muir decided not to listen to the official and run a victory lap anyway.

In the end, the whole thing was pretty funny. Muir kept trying to take off on her lap, but the official kept pleading with her and stepping in her path until, eventually, Muir makes up her mind to just go.

Take a look:


FYI, Muir went on to win a second gold on Sunday in the women’s 3000m. This time officials knew better than to try to deny her a victory lap.

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