REPORT: Raiders Inform NFL That Bank of America Will Fund $1.9B For Vegas Stadium


Back in January, the Oakland Raiders officially filed the paperwork to make the move to Las Vegas. On Monday, they moved one step closer to getting the new stadium they’ve been wanting, as they’ve informed the NFL that they found a partner to help finance the stadium.

It should be noted that securing funding doesn’t secure a relocation bid to Las Vegas, as 24 of the NFL’s 32 owners must approve any potential move.

During the NFL Annual Meetings from March 26-29, NFL owners are expected to vote on the Raiders’ relocation request.

This Bank of America funding comes on the heels of a major setback in January when casino magnate Sheldon Adelson withdrew his offer of $650 million when the Raiders submitted a lease proposal to the Las Vegas Stadium Authority without his consultation. Goldman Sachs also withdrew its funding offer once Adelson bolted.

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