Saints Brandin Cooks and Mike Thomas Are Beefing on Twitter, but Neither Will Admit It (Tweets)

Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints

There’s nothing worse than one of those passive-aggressive Twitter feuds in which neither party will even admit that they’re beefing. It’s always “Oh, that was misinterpreted,” or “My account got hacked.”

Such is the nature of a presumed feud between Saints second-year receiver Mike Thomas and teammate Brandin Cooks, who is reportedly looking to be dealt because he didn’t get enough balls thrown his way last season.

Thomas kicked things off by putting up this little ditty:

Then, Cooks responded with another confusing tweet, which has since been deleted:


Then Thomas came back saying that everyone has it all wrong, and he was just putting up some rap lyrics:

We all good, though, according to Thomas’ latest tweet. That’s nice to know.

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