Viral Video Star Says If Kordell Stewart Sues Him, He’ll Leak Explicit Details of Their Sexual Encounter

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It was reported last month that former Pittsburgh Steelers QB Kordell Stewart was suing viral internet star Andrew Caldwell for $4.5 million in damages for comments he made during a 2015 interview—during which he claimed both of them were in a sexual relationship while Stewart was married to Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams.

Caldwell is apparently fighting back as his lawyer is threatening to release explicit info of their sexual relationship if Kordell follows through with this lawsuit.

The Jasmine Brand has the quote from Caldwell’s lawyer:

“Mr Caldwell has not been served any documents referenced in the Daily Mail article dated February 24, 2017. However, should he be properly served by a court with jurisdiction, he welcomes the opportunity to detail, under oath, his sexual encounter with Mr. Stewart. This is not the first time Mr. Stewart has desperately sought media attention by professing his heterosexuality, nor the first time he’s threatened a lawsuit against Mr. Caldwell. Mr. Caldwell will aggressively defend himself in a court proceeding should that be warranted. Until then, he is very excited about his new ventures and will focus on his new website, his designer t-shirt line and launching his Youtube channel.”

As stated previously, Caldwell reportedly receives a $600 monthly disability check, owns numerous credit cards, never had a job, was in special ed classes in school, and he is one of four bipolar siblings (seven siblings total) along with his mother. I think it’s safe to say, even if Kordell won his suit, he would never see that money.

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