Kawhi Leonard Selected for Random Drug Test After Clutch 39-Point Performance Against Rockets (Video)

kawhi leonard random drug test

Kawhi Leonard played his best game of the season on Monday night. Then, in a move that will surely have NBA conspiracy theorists all fired up, the Spurs superstar was randomly selected for a drug test.

Leonard dropped 39 points on James Harden and the Rockets on Monday night. However, to understand his impact on the game all you need to do is watch the final 30 seconds of the game.

First Leonard drilled a pull-up three with a hand in his face to give the Spurs a two-point lead. Then, at the other end of the court, he came up with an epic chase-down block on Harden to preserve the lead. And finally, after getting fouled underneath his basket, Leonard stepped to the charity stripe and secured a 112-110 win with a couple of free throws.

It was some serious LeBron James sh*t. Take a look:


After a game like that, Leonard probably would have liked to kick back and enjoy a couple of beers with his teammates. However, that wasn’t in the cards.

According to ESPN’s Michael C. Wright, Leonard was selected for one of his four mandatory drug tests.


Obviously, this was just a coincidence. The vast majority of great performances are not followed up with drug tests. But for folks who really want to believe the NBA is rigged, this is just another piece of evidence to add to the pile.

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