See How Rich Eisen’s 40-Yard Dash Compares to John Ross’s (Video)

Rich Eisen vs John Ross

For several years now, the most (or only) interesting thing about the NFL combine is watching NFL Network announcer/analyst Rich Eisen, suit and all, try his hand at the 40-yard dash.

Not only is it wildly entertaining, but the money he raises benefits St. Jude’s children’s hospital.

This year, Eisen failed to break the 6-second barrier, clocking in at 6.02 during his second attempt:


Here’s a look at how his run stacks up against the likes of John Ross and some of the other speedsters at this year’s combine:


(Watch the full video here)

His final time of 6.02 is nothing to be embarrassed about (unless you’re an actual participant in the combine), but after seeing him meet with a sick little boy in between attempts, you sorta wished he would have miraculously found his way under 5 on his second try.

It’s not his all-time best, but it’s respectable for a guy in a suit. In fact, anything that doesn’t involve tearing a quad is a huge success.

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