5-Year-Old Girl Makes History as the Youngest National Spelling Bee Contestant

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Edith Fuller is just five years old, but the homeschooled girl from Oklahoma will be squaring off against much older and experienced kids in D.C. as she competes as the youngest contestant ever in the Scripps National Spelling Bee. She won the regional qualifier in Green County to make it to the big dance.

Learn a little more about this,…well, prodigy doesn’t seem like the right word, because they’re ALL prodigies. She’s actually a prodigy among prodigies.

Anyway, here’s video about her crazy ascent to the national contest.

Apparently, Edith’s got a knack for spelling without even being taught, which is something I didn’t know could exist. Her parents found she could spell non-intuitive words without being taught them, which might mean she’s getting knowledge beamed into her head or something.

In any event, it will be fun to watch her battle with the older kids. Something tells me she’ll be a fixture on the circuit for years to come, so keep an eye out for little Edith.

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