Elementary Students Chant ‘Chug It’ To Rob Gronkowski During Event; He Chugs It, Then Spikes It (Video)


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Most know New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski for his play on the field and his crazy antics off of it, especially during parades after the team has won yet another Super Bowl. Give Gronk a drink and he will chug it.

On Tuesday, Gronk was chugging something different for a great cause as he spoke to elementary school kids and congratulated them on their hard work to raise money for a cancer fundraiser.

“Rob Gronkowski visited a Massachusetts elementary school on Tuesday to congratulate the students for raising the most money in the statewide One Mission Buzz-Off pediatric cancer fundraiser.

Sheffield Elementary School in Turners Falls raised just under $17,000 for One Mission, a local pediatric cancer charity and 50 people from the school and surrounding community shaved their heads in February. Gronkowski works with One Mission and thanked the school by answering questions from students and posing for pictures.

He was asked about his shoe size, which is 16, said his favorite ice cream is cookies and cream and his pregame snack is chocolate milk and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with smooth peanut butter, not chunky.

When one student asked if he knew Tom Brady, Gronkowski laughed and said “yes.”

Gronkowski also talked about his involvement with the charity since he joined the Patriots.

“I just want to say how incredible it is, how you guys come together as a town, as a school and as a team,” he said. “It’s just like playing football.”


Classic Gronk!

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