Phoenix Suns Gorilla Dives Onto Court During Play, Confusing Everyone (Video)

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 7.53.29 AM

For decades, the Phoenix Suns gorilla has been known to do some wacky stuff, but the mascot’s dive onto the court for no particular reason in last night’s game against the Wizards left everyone scratching their heads rather than laughing…

That is, until they realized what was really going on.

Here’s video of the strange act that seemed more like concept art than comedy:

Upon closer inspection, there was actually a pretty good reason for the heroic-looking dive. An errant drumstick had flown onto the court right by Bojan Bogdanovic’s foot, and the hairy beast was going for the grab.

See? The gorilla’s not weird. He’s a big hero.

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