BIG 10 Baby Race Had All the Action and Cuteness a Sports Fan Could Handle (Video)


For those of us who get a little cynical about having the conference championships just before a tournament of 64 damn teams (or 65 or 66 or whatever), you can take solace in another activity that was held at the Verizon Center during the tourney: a baby race.

Representatives (babies and what appear to be moms) from each school took to center court to race in a crawl-type competition. The only issue is that babies don’t understand much besides hunger and sleep, so getting them to wrap their baby brains around an arbitrary race for the sake of competition didn’t go too well. Only about three babies made their way in the correct direction once the flag dropped.

Purdue took home the regular season Big 10 title and the baby race Big 10 title. It’s a dynasty, folks.

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