Horse Named “President Trump” Gets Balls Chopped Off Because “All He Wanted To Do Was Jump All The Fillies”

president trump horse gelded snaith racing

This has to be one of the greatest PR stunts in the history of sports. It seems a pair of South African thoroughbred trainers named one of their horses “President Trump” just so they could issue a press release announcing that “President Trump” has been gelded.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with horse lingo, “gelded” means they surgically removed his nuts.

President Trump, the son of American-bred thoroughbred Philanthropist, was purchased last year for $13,740. On Monday the un-raced juvenile was gelded at Snaith Racing’s stables in Cape Town after trainers decided he was too rowdy.

“He was truly difficult to train,” trainer Justin Snaith told The Cape Times. “All he wanted to do was jump all the fillies.”

Yeah, just wait. It gets better.

“President Trump was also very vocal and would just not focus on his work,” Snaith added, presumably with a knowing smirk on his face. “I considered blinkers and a tongue-tie but he was so unmanageable that we had little option but to geld him.”


Male horses can still lead a perfectly happy life after being gelded. In fact, President Trump seems to be thriving without his testicles.

The Racing Post reports that while the horse is still “arrogant,” he has “settled down” a bit and is “doing great.”

Food for thought.

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