Tim Tebow Spring Training Debut: Turns Out He’s Still Very Bad at Baseball (Videos)

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Back in January the New York Mets announced that former NFL quarterback-turned-minor league baseball player Tim Tebow would not get an invitation to their major league spring training camp. However, manager Terry Collins had other ideas.

“I will tell you if he’s not in our camp, I’ll get him over,” Collins said. “I think he’s a name in Florida. He’s a star in Florida. He should be. I think it would be fun to have Tim come over. And certainly one thing about our players, they’re athletes, too. They’re fans, too. They would probably like to know how to run a quarterback sneak one day.”

Well, Terry Collins may be a questionable baseball strategist, but he is a man of his word.

On Wednesday, Tim Tebow made his spring training debut with the actual Major League New York Mets, and there was definitely no home run. He looked like a former NFL quarterback who hadn’t played baseball for 15 years until he decided last fall that he wanted to be a baseball player.

Here is Tebow’s first at-bat, in which he strikes out looking against Red Sox pitcher Rick Porcello, then questions the umpire’s strike zone, presumably calling upon all six months of his professional baseball experience:

Here is Tebow’s second at-bat, in which he grounds into a double play with no outs and the bases loaded:

Here is his third at-bat, in which he does something useful and gets hit by a pitch:

And, finally, here is Tebow’s fourth at-bat, in which he strikes out for a second time:

How did Tebow do in the field? Great! Amazing! Because he did not play in the field. He was the designated hitter.

Tebow did get doubled off on a soft line drive the only time he got on base, though:

After the game Red Sox starter Rick Porcello gave an absolutely brilliant interview, throwing shade at Tebow left and right:

He wasn’t a college football fan. He thought Tebow was the bat boy. Any circus that brings attention to the game is good.

I’m starting to think people don’t take Tim Tebow the baseball player very seriously at all.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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