Cleveland Browns GM Roasts Brock Osweiler Without Even Realizing It (TWEET)

Sashi Brown

On Thursday, the Cleveland Browns acquired Brock Osweiler and a 2018 second-round draft pick in a trade with the Houston Texans.

Just to be clear, what the Browns received was a $72-million quarterback with a Super Bowl ring, and a draft pick in 2018 that will probably land anywhere between pick number 48 and 60 overall (assuming the Texans have a successful season in 2017, which they should be capable of with a competent quarterback running the offense).

So, which of these two newly acquired pieces do you think the Browns were more excited about?  The quarterback or the pick?

I think these comments from Browns GM Sashi Brown make it quite obvious:

Congratulations, Brock. You’re officially the NFL’s most troll-able quarterback at the moment. Enjoy!

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