Floyd Mayweather: Conor McGregor Is ‘Full of Sh*t,’ Doesn’t Want To Fight (VIDEO)

Frank Warren and Floyd Mayweather JR Press Conference

A few weeks ago, it seemed as if we were well on our way to seeing history being made as rumors kept swirling of a possible fight between MMA star Conor McGregor and retired boxer Floyd Mayweather.

After months of highly publicized trash talk between the two, Mayweather is now convinced McGregor is just bluffing and never wanted to see him inside of a ring. During his recent tour of the U.K., Floyd told FightHype.com that McGregor is just running his mouth and there have been no significant updates in the negotiations between the two.

“I think that a lot of times with competitors and athletes and fighters we can ask for certain things that we really don’t want,” said Mayweather. “‘I want to fight, I want to fight,’ there’s a lot of barking but there’s no biting. When you talk about biting, sign the contract. Don’t talk the shit. If you really want to fight, sign the fucking contract and we can make it happen.

“Just letting the world know that he’s full of shit and he don’t really want to fight. ‘I want to fight, Mayweather’s scared of me,’ well listen, I’m my own boss, let’s make the fight happen. You talking all that shit, you’re acting like you want to fight, I don’t think you really want to fight.”

“I’m like, whatever,” said Mayweather. “With or without Conor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather is still going to get seven figures every month for the rest of his life and still live a lavish life.”


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