George Mason Manager Spots Lost Contact Lens From 50 Feet Away Like Some Sort Of Eagle-Eyed Superhero (Video)

george mason manager spots lost contact lens

If you wear contacts or have ever lived with anyone who wears them, then you know how difficult they are to find when they go missing. They’re tiny. They’re translucent. And they never seem to land where the laws of gravity and aerodynamics dictate they should.

“Hey, I dropped my contact. Can you help me find it?”

“Okay, sure. Did you check the ceiling?”

Not everyone has this problem, though. On Thursday, during the A-10 tournament game between the George Mason Patriots and Fordham Rams, George Mason point guard Otis Livingston lost a contact lens after running into Fordham point guard Antwoine Anderson. At first nobody knew where it was, so they just gave up and resumed the game. However, moments later the game was halted again, because George Mason manager Bryson Johnson spotted the lens from 50 feet away, like some kind of eagle-eyed superhero.

Take a look:

Seriously, that has got to be the college basketball highlight of the week.

Johnson played at Bucknell for four years under current George Mason coach Dave Paulsen. He now serves as the team’s graduate manager, but with vision like that it probably won’t be long until he joins The Avengers.

Hat Tip – [NBC Sports]

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