Gilbert Arenas Calls Out Shaq For His ‘Clown Ass Statement’ About Kevin Durant

Gilbert Arenas

Just before Thursday’s edition of Inside The NBA, Shaquille O’Neal went all in against Kevin Durant, who had previously stood up for his teammate when Shaq and JaVale McGee were beefing.

“KD doesn’t have G-14 classification,” O’Neal told The Crossover’s Ben Golliver hours before filming Thursday’s edition of Inside the NBA. “He can’t talk to me like that. He may think he does, and he’s sticking up for his teammate. He’s a great player, but you ain’t in the club yet. You’re on the outside in line with (Charles) Barkley, (Karl) Malone, and (John) Stockton. You’re not in the club with me and those (championship) guys. That’s why I tweeted him, ‘Mind ya business.’”

Former Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas has been known to rant on Instagram about anything and everything, and he did just that on Saturday in a long-winded post calling out Shaq for his ‘clown ass statement.


I want every player to look at this statement!! @russwest44 this is why u need to let that anger towards #KD go..clown ass statements like this is why players leave to chase rings…if u don’t have a ring your value as a player ain’t worth shit..ur legacy is capped off…Westbrook u will be forced to leave OKC at some point becuz the media will attack u like they doing #melo..let’s get something str8 a championship ain’t got shit to do with how good u are..ur ring success is determined by the owner and your gm,are they building for rings or are they building to just keep making the playoffs? the delusion that surrounds rings is unreal..ur gm picks the players..the coach,coaches the players the GM is picking and when they cant win the GM fires the coach like it’s his fault this reminds me of a line in Friday when smokey was talking to his mother (#coach give me the players #gm here #coach wait wait wait wait a minute ,what’s this? This ain’t enough #GM make it enough #coach Damnnn) in the last 26 championships only 10 teams have been champions and 3 of these teams are new owners coming into the game (Cuban,2000 and won in 2011) (labor and guber, warriors,2010 and won a ring in 2015)( Dan Gilbert 2005, and won a ring in 2016) u take these new owners out u have 7 damn teams (lakers,Boston,pistons,chi,miami,spurs,Houston)2 of these teams aint won since the 90’s (chi,houston) if u take these two out,that’s 8 rings,add this with the 3 new owners, u have 11 rings..since 2000 this is what u have minus the 3 new teams (lakes,lakes,lakes,spurs,pistons,spurs,miami,spurs,Boston,lakes,lakes,miami,miami,spurs, 14 rings only 5 teams and 3 of those teams had to super-up to win a ring..and shaq was part of one of them..this shows only a few teams will put them selves in position to win..the rest (AINT) trying to win a ring so if your a player stuck in a city that’s not (spurs,gs,Lebron )at this moment then ur wasting ur legacy in the city ur playing for and the limit is the ceiling by THE MEDIA stand point ‘s…everyone is not lucky to be drafted by a owner who actually likes basketball and not a business who actually don’t know all 14 players of his teams

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