Mayweather on MMA: Real Men Don’t Fight Between a Man’s Legs

floyd mayweather comeback

During a sit down interview while on his United Kingdom tour, Floyd Mayweather announced that he was coming out of retirement to fight MMA star Conor McGregor. A fight between the two mega stars has been rumored for months.

“Today, I’m officially out of retirement for Conor McGregor. We don’t need to waste no time. We need to make this s**t happen quickly. Let’s get it on in June.”

Last month, Mayweather took to Twitter and delivered a simple message to McGregor if he wanted to get this fight finalized.

While speaking in Liverpool on the latest leg of his UK tour, Mayweather also took a shot at the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, explaining why the fight with McGregor needs to be a boxing match. 

“Real men fight standing up,” Mayweather said in an interview with “I’m from old school. I’m not gonna kick my shoes off. I’m not gonna be between no man’s legs, wrestling on the ground. I’m gonna stand up and I’m gonna kick ass. That’s what I do.”

Shots fired!

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