Lonzo Ball’s Dad Fires Back at Charles Barkley: ‘My Parenting Skills Are Better Than His’ (VIDEO)

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The father of UCLA phenom Lonzo Ball, Lavar Ball, has been absolutely everywhere in the media the last few weeks—after stating his boys are better than Stephen Curry, that they should go #1 in the NBA draft, only wanting them to play for the Los Angeles Lakers, and how any one of them could possibly be better than Michael Jordan.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, LaVar spoke out once again, but this time against Charles Barkley, who had some not-so-nice comments to say about LaVar and how he’s putting an obscene amount pressure on his kids with his ridiculous comments.

This time, LaVar spoke about his parenting skills.

“I don’t have a feud with Charles Barkley. It’s just people … He pigheaded. I’m pigheaded. He likes to say things negative, so he can get some more play because we’re not even talking about basketball anymore. We’re talking about parental guidance. And I think I’m a little better than him at that on that fact that he’s been on TNT all this time. I don’t know nothing about his family. But I know he’s got a couple dogs named Yoohoo and Boohoo. I’ll question anybody who questions me.”


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