Mexico’s Gorilla Mascot at WBC Simulates Oral, Gives Lap Dances, Drinks Beer (Video)

Mexico Gorilla Mascot Oral

The World Baseball Classic is a week underway, and we’ve already met the Mensch on a Bench, Israel’s genius mascot. Now it’s time to meet Mexico’s equally amazing mascot.

Well, it’s only sort of an introduction. We don’t know the gorilla’s name, but we are able to summarize his antics.

The lewd and wonderful team rep gets way into the stands, drinking beer and charming fans with lap dances and kisses.

Así se disfruta del #WBCxESPN aquí vemos a un fanático mexicano haciendo de las suyas disfrazado de chango en las tribunas en el estadio Jalisco.

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And if that wasn’t enough, here he is salsa dancing and (at the 1:33 mark of the video below) simulating oral with one lucky lady:

Can we make him a U.S. citizen or put him in a U.S. zoo? I’m not totally sure how to handle the situation, but I know I want him.

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