Brazil Soccer Club Boa Esporte Signs a Full-On Convicted Murderer

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Heads are turning in the soccer world as Brazilian soccer team Boa Esporte just announced that they’ve signed Bruno Fernandes de Souza to a two-year contract.

This is notable because, uh, Bruno was convicted of murdering his girlfriend and feeding her body to dogs.


Boa Esporte said they wouldn’t be taking any questions at his press conference that weren’t about soccer, but when pressed about why he was allowed to be free, Bruno said simply, “I’m not going to answer that.”

So I guess we will. He has been sentenced to 22 years after confessing to the crime, but as the government weighs his final appeal, they’ve allowed him the right to be free, so the keeper can get back on the pitch.

People in Brazil are pissed about his return to the game and at least three sponsors have pulled away from the team. At the time of his arrest, Bruno was called out by the President of Brazil, who said“This is a barbaric crime. The whole of Brazil is disgusted by such a barbaric and perverse crime.”

Hat Tip – [NY Post]

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