Footage of Colts NT David Parry Threatening Cops After Golf Cart Robbery Arrest Released (Video)


Last month, Indianapolis Colts nose tackle David Parry was arrested in Arizona after he stole a golf cart and drove it under the influence of alcohol. He also spewed homophobic slurs and cussed out cops during that arrest.

“The 24-year-old defensive lineman was way past belligerent when confronted by Scottsdale PD for attacking a taxi cart driver and stealing his vehicle early Saturday morning.

Cops say he was so drunk, he was spewing nonsense including, “Arrest my cooperation” and “who did I have auto theft with?”

The incident quickly turned combative — cops say Parry called them “f**king f**gots,” and called out some of the officers as, “fat f**k” and “pu**yboy.”

He also looked at all the responding officers and told each one individually, “You’re a bitch.”

One of the cops told Parry he was done talking with him, to which the NFL player responded, “That’s what the f**k I thought, bitch — you have nothing on me.”

Parry was asked how much he drank that night and responded, “A lot” and “more than I should have.”

Cops say he was so hammered, he was dry heaving at the jail and needed a puke trash can … just in case.

One last note, cops say Parry is so big they struggled to handcuff him and ultimately needed LEG IRONS to secure his wrists.”

A few weeks later and TMZ has obtained the video from that arrest.  It shows Parry threatening revenge on the people that got him into this situation, including cops. 

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