Dodgers Translator Gets Dared by Players to Deadlift 400 Pounds, Does It in Costume (Video)

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Here’s a fun one: Over the winter, Dodgers interpreter Will Ireton hit the gym and managed to put on about 20 pounds of muscle. Impressed by the sight of their newly-jacked locker room cohort, the players on the team goaded and urged Ireton to lift a pretty crazy amount of weight – 405 pounds.

Not only did Ireton, who translates for Kenta Maeda, do it, but he did it with a Dodgers logo on his chest and…a whole outfit that sorta defies description.

So take in the majesty with this clip:

Weight of the on his shoulders! #WillStrong

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Looks like he was able to have some fun and impress a locker room full of pro athletes. Not bad.

Now I just have to get the mental image of that singlet out of my head…

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