MMA Match in Russian Republic Devolves into Huge, Scary Brawl (Video)

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Fans in the Russian republic of Dagestan turned out in droves to get a glimpse of MMA prospect Vladimir Mineev as he took on opponent Aziz Dzhumaniyazov. At the end of the match, it looked like things were going to a decision when Dzhumaniyazov shot a kick down on Mineev, who was on his back. 

Mineev responded with a punch, and it didn’t take but a few seconds before 40+ fans flooded the ring, ready to scrap with anyone.

The Russian MMA union called for an investigation, but the local Dagestani head issued a statement that pretty much amounted to “boys will be boys.”

The statement read as follows:

“What happened can not be called a mass brawl, as is media reported. The video can be seen clearly. When there was a skirmish between the athletes, the people ran out to the ring. But our team, I personally, match referee and the most titled athletes are not allowed to develop conflict. It was just a crush between us. A little later, I, as President of the Federation, and arranged a meeting between Mineev and Dzhumaniyazov, where they shook hands. The men made it clear that what happened was just a rush of emotions. This incident was over then.”

Here are the two actually shaking hands after the match, so…boys will be boys?

Сегодня был яркий и замечательный день! Наша команда в составе клуба Академия ММА Махачкала приняла участие в Чемпионате Дагестана по смешанному боевому единоборству. Чемпионат Дагестана по любому единоборству в принципе -это очень серьезный по уровню конкуренции турнир. В возникшей, после моего боя ситуации с соперником, нами же и была поставлена точка. Это никак не повлияло на моё отношение, к ставшей уже в определенном смысле родной, республике Дагестан и дагестанцам. От лица всей команды выражаю благодарность федерации СБЕ Дагестана за возможность помериться силами и обменяться драгоценным опытом.

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