New Orleans’ Travin Thibodeaux Chokes Teammate During First Four Loss to St. Mary’s (Video)

new orleans travin thibodeaux chokes teammate

Things got chippy during Tuesday night’s NCAA First Four play-in game between the New Orleans Privateers and St. Mary’s Gaels. And not between opposing teams. Things got chippy between two players on the same team.

With about six and a half minutes left in the second half, 6’9″ New Orleans power forward Travin Thibodeaux got into a heated argument with 5’8″ guard Christavious Gill and ended up choking him.

The argument stemmed from a turnover moments earlier. Thibodeaux was called for a three-second violation and blamed Gill for not getting him the ball sooner. First Thibodeaux yelled in Gill’s face, to which Gill responded with a shove. Then, as the two were walking to the bench, Thibodeaux grabbed Gill by the neck before being pulled away.

Take a look:

That gives a whole new meaning to the phrase March Madness.

Thibodeaux sat on the bench for the remainder of the game, which New Orleans wound up losing by one point.

Afterward New Orleans coach Mark Slessinger didn’t sound too upset by the incident.

“Well, we’ve got two extremely competitive guys there,” Slessinger told reporters. “And, I mean, they’re best friends, to be honest with you. Just got sideways with each other. One thought he should have zigged, and the other thought he should have zagged. They got sideways with each other, they got into it and I made the decision to sit Travin the rest of the half.”

Slessinger definitely made the ethical choice. But it may have cost New Orleans the game. After all, he benched a guy who earlier in the contest had done this:

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