Darrelle Revis’ Friend Takes Blame for Assault, Charges Against DB Dropped (Video)

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Darrelle Revis is now free of any charges against him after a friend of his spoke up to a judge, saying that he, not Revis, was the one who laid out two guys outside a Pittsburgh bar.

With the new confession, Revis is a free man and more valuable as a free agent with the specter of jail time no longer looming over his head.

Here’s the TMZ video of the scene and the story:

If all this seems a little…convenient, yeah it is. It sounds an awful lot like what Cris Carter was preaching to NFL rookies a couple years ago, insisting that they get a “fall guy” to take the blame.

Sounds like Revis got his and he’s a big step closer to signing with an NFL team now.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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