Report: Jose Fernandez Was Driving Boat Drunk, on Cocaine During Fatal Accident

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Jose Fernandez’s fatal boat accident from September 2016 was already a tough one to swallow, and this recent news isn’t going to make things any easier.

After conducting their investigation, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has revealed their findings, and they’re not pretty.

Pretty much, they conclude that Fernandez was drunk and on cocaine while driving the boat during the accident. TMZ has the details:

Long story short … Fernandez’s blood alcohol level was almost twice the legal limit and his blood tested positive for traces of cocaine.

Officials say Jose and his crew were boozing at a local bar before the crash — Jose bought 2 bottles of Don Julio tequila and 3 other drinks.

Several of Jose’s friends were texting each other that night — apparently concerned for Jose’s well-being after he got into an argument with his pregnant girlfriend.

As for the crash, officials say they believe the boat was traveling at 66 mph in the pitch-black night — in a very dangerous area. The report essentially says Jose was incredibly reckless.

The report also described the physical injuries all 3 men suffered and it’s gruesome.

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