Tim Tebow Got Two Hits in One Game, Which Is Probably Some Kind of Record (Video)

tim tebow base hits

Former NFL quarterback and current New York Mets “prospect” Timothy Richard Tebow recorded two hits and made one spectacular-looking catch on Wednesday during what proved to be his final appearance with the Mets’ major league spring training squad.

Seriously, two hits in one game. One of them even left the infield!

Don’t get all worked up, though. Tim Tebow still isn’t good at baseball, relatively speaking. He is better than 99% of the planet. But he is not good enough to be a major leaguer. So enjoy these two hits. They’re probably the last ones you’ll ever see Tebow hit with the actual New York Mets, who announced after the game that he would only be playing for the minor league squad for the remainder of spring training.

The first was a chopper to the gap between third and short. The fielder couldn’t snag it cleanly, and Timmy hustled out the box, so it was scored a hit:


Tebow’s second hit was a real major league hit. He cracked a hard shot right up the middle:


Tebow wasn’t just coming through with the stick, though. Turns out the Mets actually put the guy in the field, and he actually came up with a nice-looking catch.

Of course, that catch only looked good because Tebow got a terrible read and a late break. But hey, he’s still caught at least one more major league fly ball than me.

Hat Tip – [SEC Country]

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