Barkley Wears Kent State Jersey & Wants UCLA to Lose Because of LaVar Ball (Video)


The war of words between Charles Barkley and LaVar Ball continued on Friday when Chuck appeared with the CBS broadcast crew sporting a Kent State jersey.

Kent State was slated to play against the UCLA Bruins and Barkley was pulling for an upset, not because he chose them in his bracket, but because he wanted UCLA to lose because of his ongoing feud with LaVar Ball.

Almost two weeks ago, Barkley checked LaVar about his comments regarding his sons and who they are better than.

“Your son’s life is his life. It’s not yours. No matter what his son accomplishes, it’s not his. So I wish his son nothing but the best. The kid’s a hell of a player. But I don’t like when parents interject. It’s not your life. It’s their life. My daughter’s a great person. She goes to Columbia Grad School right now. That’s her accomplishment. I prepared her for the world. Now she’s on her own.

I don’t even think we should be interviewing people’s parents. I have very strict rules in my family. Shut the f*** up. I’m the one who’s doing this. He can be proud of his kid, but I didn’t win a championship. I’m all right. I will compare my exploits to Mr. Ball’s any time.”

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