Chargers Players to Fans in L.A.: ‘Be a Fan Now Before The Winning Begins. No Bandwagon Fans Allowed’

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Back in January, the Chargers left town after 55 years in San Diego and fans were absolutely livid. Last offseason, the Rams left St. Louis and returned to their original home in Los Angeles and fans were absolutely ecstatic as they filled the Coliseum every game last year to watch the team lose.

Now that there are two teams in town, Chargers players Donavon Clark & Tyrell Williams made it clear to fans in the Los Angeles area to be fans of the Chargers now before the winning begins, because bandwagon fans will not be tolerated.

The Chargers have had one playoff appearance since 2010. The Rams haven’t had a winning record since the 2003 season.

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