Ryan Braun Fed Up With Length of Spring Training: ‘We Don’t Get Paid By The Hour’

Milwaukee Brewers v Pittsburgh Pirates

Awww, poor guy. How will he ever survive??

After 10 years in the MLB, spring training has begun to annoy Ryan Braun. He’s done with the process entirely.

On Tuesday, the Milwaukee Brewers outfielder vented his frustration with these exhibition games in March and implied he has no issue with taking a quick seat once he’s at the plate.

“My favorite Spring Training at-bat is a first-pitch lineout to center,” he told MLB.com’s Adam McCalvy. “Or even better, a first-pitch, line drive double play. Because we’re all in the business of saving time. We don’t get paid by the hour. I’m serious. I’m not kidding.”

In six at-bats this spring, Braun is hitting .167/.286/.333, but he did manage to drive in a run while being completely uninterested in these games.

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