Seahawks Are Reportedly Interested in Trading Richard Sherman For The ‘Right Deal’


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Seems like yesterday, Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman was screaming in a post-game interview about how he was the best corner in the league and not to try him with a sorry receiver like Michael Crabtree.

Fast forward to the 2016 NFL season and a nearly 29 years old Sherman is coming off a down year that had much to do with his knee injury that plagued him during the second half of the campaign.

Now, there are rumors that the franchise could move on from him in the near future.

“Former NFL executive Mike Lombardi said Thursday on “The Ringer NFL Show” that, based on what he’s hearing around the league, the Seahawks would be interested in trading Sherman “for the right deal.”

Lombardi mentioned Sherman in relation to the New Orleans Saints’ potential trade for New England cornerback Malcolm Butler, arguing that Sherman is only two years older than Butler and has two years remaining on a more affordable deal than the one Butler will need from whomever trades for him.”

To be clear, there has been no other indication the Seahawks are interested in moving Sherman, but it is an interesting notion.

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