Steve Kerr on LaVar Ball’s Bragging: ‘I Don’t Think It’s Helping His Kids’

Golden State Warriors v Washington Wizards

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr is just the latest figure to speak out against LaVar Ball and his outlandish claims.

The father of UCLA standout Lonzo Ball has been in the news a bunch over the past few weeks, taking shots at Stephen Curry to Charles Barkley to Michael Jordan.

On Thursday, Kerr appeared on ESPN Radio and called out LaVar for his constant bragging.

“The fact that everybody keeps talking about him, he seems to be accomplishing whatever he’s trying to accomplish, because the things he says are so outlandish. But he keeps getting headlines, and I guess that’s what he wants,” Kerr said.

“I don’t think it’s helping his kids. I think it’d be better for them if they can just play and have fun and not have to hear that every day, but whatever. It’s all part of him.”

Kerr’s comments come on the heels of TNT’s Charles Barkley checking LaVar for raising his own personal spotlight while Lonzo is the one doing the work.

“Your son’s life is his life, it’s not yours,” Barkley said. “No matter what his son accomplished, it’s not his. So I wish his son nothing but the best, kid’s a hell of a player. But I don’t like when parents interject.”

Just like everybody that has spoken out against him, LaVar is sure to return fire against Kerr in the coming days.

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