Colin Cowherd On Curry: ‘He’s Not an All-Time Great. Take Away His 3’s & He Has Nothing Else’ (VIDEO)

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Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd has been very critical of two-time MVP Stephen Curry in the past, and with his 3-point shot sort of fading away this year (unlike in the past), Cowherd has much more to talk about.

Cowherd took to his show ‘The Herd’ this week and stated Curry will never be an all-time great until he develops a second pitch—much like the Chicago Bulls of the 90’s, who were a defensive team, intimidating team, and a clutch team.

Here’s what Cowherd had to say about Curry and the Warriors:

Cowherd’s comments about Curry echoes his comments about him around this time last year:

“Once his shot fades he doesn’t offer much, does he?”

“Steph Curry shot fades. He’s 6’2″, 180lbs and uh, that’s about it. That’s your unanimous MVP?”

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