Ex-NFL RB Derrick Ward, Who Made $10M, is Reportedly Scamming Friends Out of Money & Blocking Them Afterwards (PHOTOS)

New York Giants v Washington Redskins

The last time we heard anything about former NFL running back Derrick Ward, he was going off on Twitter about ESPN showing Michael Sam kissing his gay lover.

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Derrick Ward, a Super Bowl-winning former running back for the New York Giants, who also made upwards of $10 million in his career, is apparently broke and scamming friends out of their money. He not only takes their money, but blocks them on social media when they ask him about it.

A former friend named Devon Glover took to Facebook to blast the former RB for blocking him and not repaying him his $125.


Ladies & Gentlemen, PLEEEEEEEEEAASE be alert and steer clear of DERRICK L WARD!!!! (YES, you read it right, the former NFL running back Derrick WARD!)

He’s out here taking advantage of people’s kindness and basically robbing us!! Some of us for Little amounts but others for waaaaaaaaaay more!!! If you don’t feel like being apart of the MASSES heed this WARNING and STAY AWAY!!

(If he’s already gotten you please feel free to drop the screen shot of the same message he sent EVERYONE!! Smh!!)


He also provided screenshot evidence as well other people he scammed:

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