Somebody Sent Personalized Potatoes to 150 NBA Player (Pics)

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Image for a second that you paid $42,000 for a company that sends personalized potatoes to people via the mail. How would you go about promoting that company?

Riad Bekhit did pay $42,000 for a company that sends personalized potatoes to people via the mail. That company, for those of you who did not see Bekhit’s appearance on The Shark Tank, is called Potato Parcel. And Behkit’s latest big idea to promote his company is actually pretty damn good.

Last week, Bekhit sent 150 personalized potatoes to every starter on every team in the NBA. It all started with Dirk Nowitzki. The Mavericks legend received a package in the mail last Wednesday containing a potato with his picture on it. The package did not say who the potato was from, but Dirk Tweeted a photo expressing his gratitude:

That was exactly the response Bekhit was hoping for. Since then, the personalized potatoes have become the talk of the NBA.

The folks at For the Win got a hold of Bekhit and asked him what he thinks about the PR stunt blowing up.

“It’s just really cool,” Bekhit replied. “To see it in the public eye with these players, that’s the beauty of the digital age. To get in touch with people who were unreachable, it’s really cool.”

Want to send a personalized potato to that special someone in your life? Maybe propose to your girlfriend, or send a cool new company a link to your résumé? Well, for just $9.99, you can. Just click here.

Oh, and if you happen to be wondering whether it was just a coincidence that the first potato was sent to Dirk Nowitzki, whose team is owned by Mark Cuban, who rejected Bekhit’s Shark Tank proposal…the answer is no. Bekhit definitely sent the first one to Nowitzki on purpose.


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