Stan Wawrinka Calls Federer an 'A-Hole' During Post-Finals Interview (Video) | Total Pro Sports
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Stan Wawrinka Calls Federer an ‘A-Hole’ During Post-Finals Interview (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Monday, March 20, 2017

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Roger Federer gets called a lot of things on and off the court, but almost all of them are complimentary.

He’s known for being a respectful competitor who takes time for fans, which is why it was pretty funny when Stan Wawrinka called him an ‘a-hole’ during a speech after Federer knocked him off to win his fifth Indian Wells title on Sunday:

In the speech, Wawrinka said, “I would like to congratulate Roger. He’s laughing. He’s an asshole, but it’s OK.”

The ever graceful Federer took it as a compliment, stating, “On the court it’s the first time (I’ve been called that), but it felt good.”

Only Federer could turn this into a feel-good story. Which is probably why Stan dropped the fake insult to begin with.