Aaron Hernandez’s Former Friend Says He Planned to Kill Him After Aaron Shot Him in The Face


I don’t know how, but former New England Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez was literally a full-time hitman and a part-time football player.

Hernandez has already been convicted of Odin Lloyd’s murder and was sentenced to life in prison for that crime.  Now, he is currently dealing with this double-murder trial, where it is alleged he shot two men over a spilled drink in a nightclub.

His former best friend Alexander Bradley took to the stand recently.  He talked about how close they were before their relationship turned sour and Hernandez shot him in the face, leaving him to die.

Yahoo breaks it all down:

“They were once best friends, confidants and keepers of the most wicked of secrets.

“Inseparable,” Aaron Hernandez once described his relationship with Alexander Bradley.

Bradley explained to the jury why he didn’t go to the police even after Hernandez allegedly pointed a gun between his eyebrows, fired and left him to die in an alley of an industrial area of South Florida.

In July 2012, when Bradley testified that Hernandez grew angry that de Abreu didn’t pay him enough respect when he bumped into the Patriot and caused a drink to splash. Later, Hernandez spotted de Abreu’s party driving away at closing time and ordered Bradley to follow in pursuit.

Bradley did just that, running a red light to pull up alongside the Cape Verdean immigrant’s car. That’s when Bradley said Hernandez, wearing rosary beads as a necklace, fired five shots. He would have done more, but he was out of ammo.

The two fled and headed back to Connecticut, each of them, according to Bradley, shocked at what had occurred.

“He was kind of panicked,” Bradley said. “He said, ‘I hit one in the head and one in the chest.’

The next night and another trip to Tootsie’s. By 5 in the morning, there was an argument over how to split up the sizeable bill from a private room. Then on the ride home, Bradley realized he’d forgotten his cell phone at the club, but Hernandez wouldn’t allow the car to be turned around (there were two other friends with them).

They argued, then Bradley said he fell asleep, only to awaken when the car stopped down an alley near a John Deere dealership.

“I woke up with Mr. Hernandez pointing a gun at my face,” Bradley said. “… Right between my eyebrows.”

Hernandez fired. Bradley said his ears were ringing, blood was flowing everywhere and his right eye was finished, yet he somehow maintained consciousness. He said Hernandez and another guy pushed/pulled him out of the car and left him to die. He pulled himself up on a nearby fence, started walking and then was discovered by some workers from John Deere. They called an ambulance.

At that moment Bradley had two goals.

Live. Kill Hernandez.

Hernandez would have continued reason to fear the police busting him for whatever involvement he had in the de Abreu and Furtado murders – Hernandez’s defense claims that Bradley was the actual triggerman. Even if that was true, Hernandez’s mere presence at, and failure to report, a double homicide would lead to criminal charges and an end to his NFL career. He would also worry that Bradley could file a civil suit, which would likewise cause massive professional harm. Or Bradley could just hunt him down.

By the start of Patriots training camp in late July, his daily whereabouts would be obvious and would make him an easy target.”

This story gets crazier and crazier by the day. We’ll keep you updated…

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