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Report: LaVar Ball Won’t Let His Kids See Their Sick Mother in Hospital: Bad For ‘Media Attention’ and ‘Brand Sales’

by: JamieD On  Thursday, March 23, 2017

LaVar Ball has said a lot of stupid things over the past couple of months, so by now you probably already hate the dude.  But if not, well, this should do the trick.

According to a member of the Ball family, LaVar is not allowing his children—Lonzo, LiAngelo and LaMelo—to see their sick mother as she recovers from a stroke and life-threatening skull surgery.

Here’s the statement from the anonymous member of the Ball family, via Arm Chair All Americans:

“Also, Tina Ball, his wife had a stroke on Feb 21. She had life threatening skull surgery to relieve brain pressure – guess where Lavar was during the operation that could have killed his wife? – at the CHHS vs. LB Poly game with his sons, including Lonzo. He still has not allowed his kids to see their sick mother due to the media attention it would bring to him, and cause BBB sales to diminish. [Name of hospital] in [City of hospital], CA – Tina is there now and he only visits for 1 hour a few days a week, while her Mother has yet to leave her side. Pathetic!!!”

If this is true, it seems to go against the philosophy of LaVar’s “Big Baller Brand”:

Here’s more of what the Ball family member had to say:

“Notice, she is not at any games, she is not at work, and she is not at home. Someone needs to ask the question, where is Tina? She is severely disabled and paralyzed on right side. Cannot talk and is questionable about her comprehension. Left side of her brain impacted with massive stroke, while at home on Feb. 21 (school holiday – President’s day)…

“The Ball boys are not allowed to see their mother, Lavar is afraid it will take away from their game(s). Lonzo had big game at ASU and U of A later that week. Also, media buzz would take away from all the interviews and media touring for Lavar + BBB brand would suffer. It literally is bigger than Tina’s life, as evidenced by Lavar’s approach.” Hat Tip – [Arm Chair All Americans]

Following UCLA’s victory over Kent State in the opening round of the NCAA Tournament, a reporter did ask Lonzo Ball about the health of his mother during the post-game press conference. He declined to respond (4:00 mark):

Lonzo isn’t speaking, but LaVar can’t seem to keep his mouth shut.  So we’ll probably just have to wait for him to give us an explanation regarding this matter.

Stay tuned.

And for shits and giggles, let’s take a look at Lavar Ball getting FREAKING ROASTED ON TWITTER for his actions… ENJOY!