Jersey Thief Snapped Selfie with Tom Brady and Other Super Bowl Winners (PICS)

mauricio ortega

Turns out the Super Bowl jersey thief has been right under his victims’ noses for years and nobody ever knew it.

On Monday the NFL announced that the missing Tom Brady jersey from Super Bowl 51 had been recovered in Mexico. Subsequent reports indicated that police also recovered other Super Bowl memorabilia, including the jersey worn by Tom Brady at Super Bowl 49, which nobody even knew was missing.

Later the Mexican Editorial Organization, a major Mexican media company, identified the thief as Mauricio Ortega, the director of Diario La Prensa, one of its papers. Ortega had been covering the Super Bowl for La Pensa for years, and apparently he’d been helping himself to souvenirs the whole time.

Now, thanks to TMZ, we also know Ortega has been snapping selfies with his victims.


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