NFL To Finally Kill ‘Double-Up’ Commercials After TD, Kickoff (VIDEO)

NFL Divisional Playoffs - Arizona Cardinals v New Orleans Saints

This needs to happen ASAP.

That horrible time during a football game when you see a touchdown, then commercial, followed up by a kickoff, and then another commercial, could possibly come to an end pretty soon.

The NFL has been doing a lot of research in recent years to improve the quality of the game as well as shortening the game, USA TODAY Sports’ Tom Pelissero reports.

“It drives me crazy,” Goodell told USA TODAY Sports on Wednesday. “We call those ‘double-ups.’ They actually occurred 27% of the time (on kickoffs last season). And that’s still too high for us.”

In the coming days, the league will roll out its plans for not only revamping the commercial structure within TV broadcasts, but also tweaking in-game timing, replay reviews and more — the product of experimentation and research the NFL took directly to fans before last season to find out what they liked and disliked, both in the stadium and on the couch.

In a letter to fans, Goodell announced other planned changed, including:

  • Running the play clock after PATs
  • Standardizing when the clock starts after a player runs out of bounds
  • Standardizing halftime length

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