Shannon Sharpe: ‘Stop Addressing The Kneeling & Focus on What Led Colin Kaepernick to Kneel’ (VIDEO)

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Mic drop.

On Tuesday’s edition of the ‘Undisputed on FS1’, former NFL TE Shannon Sharpe had to address President Donald Trump and his comments he made towards free QB Colin Kaepernick at his rally in Kentucky. Sharpe touched on Trump using fear tactics to keep Kaepernick unsigned and gave a few examples of different countries that use the same tactic to keep their people in line.

He then finished with a strong statement about the people who can’t get over the fact that Kaepernick kneeled before every single game.

“I ask you this. The people that are so upset about Colin Kaepernick’s protest. How much money have you donated in your life to help someone else that didn’t look like you, that didn’t act like you, that didn’t talk like you, or didn’t have the same religious background?”

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