NFL Agent Suggests Brady Jersey Breakthrough Was Leaked to Bury Dwight Clark’s ALS Diagnosis (Tweet)

Clark Brady Jersey Conspiracy

You in the mood for a farfetched, yet still vaguely plausible conspiracy theory?


An unnamed NFL agent suggested to ESPN reporter Josina Anderson that the increasingly bizarre and dramatic theft of Tom Brady’s jerseys got its big breakthrough recently…only because the NFL leaked the story to cover up the news that Dwight Clark has ALS, better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

In order for that to really be plausible, the league would have been acting under the belief that ALS and the violent sport of football are somehow linked, which is a pretty large jump of logic. Nonetheless, Clark did say in a statement that HE thought his NFL career is at least partially to blame, so…who knows.

Never count the NFL out of a good sinister conspiracy theory. It’s half the fun of watching the game.

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