Tennis-Loving Iguana Just Strolls Onto Court at Miami Open, Like a Boss (Video)

iguana interrupts miami open tennis match

Did you know South Florida has an iguana population? Well you do now, thanks to the actions of one tennis-loving lizard at the Miami Open on Wednesday.

The iguana incident occurred during a first round match between Germany’s Tommy Haas and the Czech Republic’s Jiri Vesely. With the score tied 3-3 in the third set and Haas preparing to serve, an iguana climbed up on top of the scoreboard behind the baseline to check things out.

Fans, players, and officials noticed the animal immediately. And since you don’t often see iguanas at professional tennis matches, play had to be halted while they figured out what to do.

Tournament officials tried to shoe iguana away, but he wouldn’t budge. After a few minutes the referee decided play would just have to continue with the iguana watching from the scoreboard.

“If it’s not moving and it’s just like that, we’re going to try and play,” declared the chair umpire. “It’s not a dangerous animal.”

Vesely wasn’t having any of that noise, though, so the match was put on hold until workers figured out how to get rid of the lizard.

Tommy Haas? This dude was not fazed. In fact, he grabbed his phone and took an iguana selfie.

Special selfie @miamiopen , thanks for coming out to watch some Tennis

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Pretty solid pic, right?

Eventually the iguana took the hint and decided to leave—but not before he made a mad dash across the court.

Take a look:

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For those of you wondering, no, Iguanas are not native to Miami. However, there is a growing feral population consisting of escaped pets and iguanas that stowed away on fruit shipments from South America.

Of course, now that Iguanas are taking over jobs that used to belong to wholesome, hardworking American animals, I assume President Trump will be all over this.

Hat Tip – [ATP]

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