LaVar on Lonzo Ball: ‘He’ll Have The Same Impact as Magic Johnson, Then He’ll Be Better Than Him’ (VIDEO)


The human hot-take machine that is LaVar Ball was put on TV yet again just to make even more outrageous claims.

On Thursday’s edition of ‘First Take’, LaVar got a chance to go back and forth with Stephen A. Smith on various topics, including his claim of beating Michael Jordan.  But most notably, we got to witness him making yet another outlandish claim about who his son will be better than.

“Lonzo (would) have that same impact Magic (Johnson) had. I’m trying to tell you. Same impact,” LaVar said, before upping the ante later on.

Stephen A. Smith: “He’ll be better than Magic, how’s that?”

A few shocked faces and a bunch of yelling later, another question was asked as to how Lonzo’s game compares stylistically to other NBA greats. Once again, LaVar brought up current Lakers President Magic Johnson.

“Lonzo was Magic with a jump shot,” LaVar said. “What I mean by that is everybody wants to play with him. The winning, the running, the long passes. They tried to compare him to Jason Kidd, but if you look at it he’s more like Penny Hardaway (with his) size, length, style.”


According to LaVar Ball, once Lonzo hits the league next year, we should expect a player that’s currently better than 2-time MVP Stephen Curry and is on the same level as Magic Johnson—before ultimately surpassing him.

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