Barkley Talks About Michael Jordan Betting $300K on Putt
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Charles Barkley Talks About Michael Jordan Betting $300,000 on One Hole of Golf (Video)

by: Esteban On  Friday, March 24, 2017

charles barkley michael jordan golf gambling

Michael Jordan‘s gambling habits have become the stuff of legend over the years. Fans never really knew about it during his playing days, because the internet didn’t exist yet, and sportswriters were in the habit of keeping athletes’ live secrets. But in time, stories started leaking out.

There is, for example, the one about Jordan gambling in Atlantic City the night before a playoff game in New York. There’s the one about him making prop bets with teammates at the airport luggage carousel over whose bags would come out first. And of course, there’s the one about how Jordan actually retired in 1993 because the league was going to suspend him for gambling.

Are those stories all 100% true? Probably not. But they’re not baseless, either. Just ask Charles Barkley.

During an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show this week, Barkley was asked if he ever played Jordan for money on the golf course. His response? “Why would you play golf if you don’t play it for money?”

So how much would Jordan bet on golf? A lot. In fact, Barkley tells a story about one particular day when Jordan bet $300,000 on a single putt.

Take a look:

Obviously this does not prove all the Michael Jordan gambling stories are true. But it definitely gives them an air of truthiness.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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