Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Says Raiders Move to Las Vegas ‘Is All But Official’

Denver Broncos v Oakland Raiders

Welp. It’s been real, Oakland.

It took 14 years for the Oakland Raiders to finally field a good product and have a winning season again.  And now it’s gone.

What hurts even more for the people of Oakland is that the team is just a few pieces away from being a Super Bowl contender, so the fans in Oakland will have to watch their squad win in Las Vegas for years to come.

According to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, the move from Oakland to Las Vegas is all but official and should be approved on Monday.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Monday is “going to be an exciting day for Vegas.” The Raiders’ move there is all but official.

Other sources state that Owner Mark Davis has the necessary 24 votes to get that move approved, thus ending the team’s relationship with the city of Oakland.

“Make no mistake, many of these owners have serious reservations about the market size of Las Vegas, it’s uncertainty as a pro sports market, it’s television market size, it’s lack of corporate infrastructure … to say nothing of the owner or two who might still harbor some sort of ethical misgivings about the whole gambling thing. But money trumps all and the free money is more than up to snuff. While there has been some private grumbling among owners out in Arizona already, this relocation has more than enough momentum to pass. It’s going to happen, and it’s likely going to happen before these billionaires break for lunch tomorrow morning.

“Some owners have massive reservations about this move, but it’s going to happen,” said one high-ranking club official.”

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