Footage Of LaVar Ball Playing Basketball Has Surfaced & It’s as Bad as You Thought It Would Be (VIDEO)

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For the past two or three months, LaVar Ball, the father of UCLA standout and one-and-done player Lonzo Ball, has been on just about every network and in every news article, making his insane comments—like how his kids are better than current NBA players, or how he plans to build his brand even bigger and better than Michael Jordan’s.

One quote that stood out was him saying he would kill M.J. in a game of one-on-one back in his heyday, when he averaged 2.2 points per game at Washington State.

Someone unearthed footage of LaVar Ball playing at a neighborhood center and it was as bad as you thought it would be. With all of his trash talk, it’s quite possible the video was edited to show just his bad plays and none of the good ones…Or maybe he just didn’t have any good plays to show…

(Ball is No. 8 on the red team in the video.)

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