49ers GM John Lynch Invites Raiders Fans to Cheer For His Team: ‘Come & Jump On Our Train’

2007 NFL Pro Bowl - AFC vs NFC - February 10, 2007

In just a few years, the San Francisco 49ers will become the only option in the Bay Area for NFL fans, as the Oakland Raiders are set to bolt out of town and into their new home in Las Vegas.

If Raiders fans are feeling betrayed and upset with their organization for leaving “the Black Hole,” 49ers general manager John Lynch said Monday on NFL Network that any leftover fans can come hop on their bandwagon anytime.

“Part of me says, I think it’s good for us,” Lynch said, according to Kevin Patra of NFL.com. “Raider fans, we’re open for business, you know! Come and jump on our train. But the Raiders are a great brand and I think it kind of transcends the location. I’m sure a lot of those people will go down to Vegas and have a good time supporting in the future.”

After experiencing a winning season last year for the 1st time since 2002, I highly doubt any Raiders fans want to go back to watching a losing team.  That’s what they’d be getting with the 49ers, who are coming off a 2-14 season and haven’t had a winning record since Harbaugh bolted.

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