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by: Esteban On  Tuesday, March 28, 2017

lebron james injury david lee elbow

LeBron James gave NBA commissioner Adam Silver, TNT executives, and the entire city of Cleveland a heart attack on Monday night.

With half a minute remaining in the third quarter of a blowout loss in San Antonio, James caught an elbow from Spurs center David Lee while going for a rebound. The blow landed on his lower neck, right between the shoulder blades. James immediately walked over to the Cavs bench and collapsed to the floor, where he remained writhing in pain for about five minutes.

Eventually James was helped up off the floor and led down the tunnel to the locker room, from which he did not return.

After the game Lee said he “didn’t even know” he had hit LeBron. When he saw the Cavs superstar go down, he assumed he had twisted an ankle or something.

Losing LeBron for any length of time would be disastrous for the Cavaliers as they head into the playoffs. It would also be a major blow to the league and its broadcasters, who would surely see television ratings plummet without the best basketball player on the planet.

Fortunately for Cavs fans and NBA pencil pushers it looks like LeBron is going to be just fine.

“I got elbowed in the neck and spine,” LeBron told reporters after the game. “I’ll be ready by Thursday.”

Just in time for the Thursday night showdown between LeBron and Dwyane Wade on TNT. Phew!

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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