Undertaker Retires After Loss to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33 (Video)

the undertaker retires wrestlemania 33

One of the most iconic entertainers in the history of the WWE has called it a career. On Sunday night The Undertaker retired after losing to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33.

Your childhood is now officially over.

At first it might seem cruel for the WWE to write the Taker out with a loss at WrestleMania, an event he dominated for 21 straight years. But it really wouldn’t have made much sense for a character like this to go out with a win. And having him retire at an event other than WrestleMania would have been unthinkable. The Undertaker deserved the biggest possible stage from which to make his exit. And the WWE got it just right.

After his loss, Undertaker just lied in the middle of the ring while Roman Reigns left the ring and fireworks went off above Orlando’s Camping World Stadium. However, when the pay-per-view broadcast came back from showing replays, The Undertaker was standing in the middle of the ring decked out in his trench coat and hat, the crowd giving him a thunderous ovation. Then, with his ominous theme song blaring, he slowly removed his gloves, coat, and hat, placed them delicately in a pile in the center of the ring, and climbed through the ropes.

From there Taker went over to his wife, gave her a kiss, and made the long, slow walk up the ramp. But of course, he paused for one last moment, raising his right arm and enticing one more surge of cheers from the 75,000 fans in attendance.

The Undertaker never actually said anything. But it was obvious this was his last hurrah.

The whole thing took about 10 minutes. Take a look:

That’s how you retire a legend—with a 10-minute standing ovation at WrestleMania.

Hat’s off to the WWE for absolutely nailing it.

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